Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Corporate Tax Landmines In Canada with Henry Wong

 Wealth Without Bay Street Infinite Banking Podcast

In Wealth Without Bay Street EPISODE 120 we feature Henry Wong. He explains how you, as a business owner, can avoid corporate tax landmines in Canada. Specifically, we discuss the dangers of Corporate Shareholder Borrowing and pledging a guarantee fee. If not done correctly and used as a retirement strategy it can leave the business owner and their family at substantial risk of a major tax event. 

Henry is a professional CPA and trains other CPAs across Canada specializing in taxation and passing through the national exams. He chanced upon the book “Becoming Your Own Banker” and began to piece together all his knowledge of life insurance and financial accounting and soon began to pursue the journey of becoming his own banker. Henry now trains others as an accountant in how to build their own personal capital pool and manage their taxation through IBC.

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