Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Thinking Like a Bank Owner with Justin Craft

Wealth Without Bay Street Infinite Banking Podcast

On episode 123 of the Wealth Without Bay Street podcast we are joined by Justin Craft, President of Nowlin & Associates, a leading wealth management firm with over 40 years history in the Birmingham area.

Recognizing the change in the economic environment in 2008, Justin facilitated the business model change at Nowlin and Associates from a traditional wealth management firm to one that offers educational based introductions to current financial topics. He is a regular on radio talk shows, has hosted over 300 educational workshops and manages the company's training program. Recently he was elected to serve as chair for the nationally recognized Field Advisory Cabinet for Ameritas Financial Corp. He is passionate about financial education and his home city Birmingham and the city's potential.

In this episode justin will talk about his Journey With IBC, his relationship with our mentor Nelson Nash and how to help people who struggle with the idea of IBC by getting back to basics.

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