Friday, September 15, 2023

LIVE - Talking to the searchers with guest Alex Bridgeman

David C Barnett Small Business and Deal Making SME

Talking to the searchers

New Livestream guest-> Alex Bridgeman

I’m happy to have Alex join me on a live broadcast.

Alex is the host of Think Like an Owner podcast and formerly the publisher of The Operator’s Handbook.

Tune in and as we’ll be discussing some of the common themes he’s observed after interviewing hundreds of successful business searchers. 

This is a ‘must see event’ for people who want to buy a business.

Be sure to join live so that you can ask questions, replay will be available.

Set yourself a reminder on YouTube here: 

We’ll be going live Friday, Sept 15 at Noon Eastern, 1pm Halifax time and 9am Pacific.

See you there!

David C Barnett