Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Creating Your Freedom Day with Jeff Kikel

Rocky Lalvani - The Profit Answer Man

This week I am joined by Jeff Kikel who helps us to create freedom through our business. It's the real reason most of us went into business but so many struggle to reach that pinnacle. First you need to define what that looks like and then take the steps to achieve it. Listen in to learn how.

Jeff is the Freedom Guide!

After years of working for others, Jeff had the epiphany that he had always been an entrepreneur inside other people's companies. Finally realizing this helped Jeff to go on and found highly successful businesses, T-Werx Coworking, and BKA Wealth Consulting.

As Jeff grew his business, he had to learn what it takes to successfully run a small business. This included struggling with entrepreneurial poverty. After years of struggles. Jeff developed the Freedom Day method of rapid business growth, instant profitability, and Operational Efficiency.

Jeff believes that if your business is not evolving it is dying. Having several of his friends who started businesses at the same time he did, Jeff saw many of these businesses fail. Tired of seeing his friends struggle, Jeff made it his mission to help businesses evolve and survive.

Jeff has developed the Freedom Day method that is to help businesses become profitable as soon as possible, then grow their business into a business that can eventually be sold.

Between his four businesses, Jeff helps people enjoy the benefits of entrepreneurship, building profitable businesses, and building long-term wealth.

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