Thursday, August 25, 2022

How To Use SEO Copywriting To Generate Traffic, Links, Shares & Sales with Kerry Campion

Jaryd Krause - Buying Online Businesses

If your online business is not using SEO copywriting techniques, chances are you cannot maximize its full potential in terms of traffic, links, shares, and sales. 


So what is SEO copywriting and what can it do to your business?
For this special episode, I have invited Kerry Campion to explore and learn how to incorporate SEO best practices into copywriting. 


Kerry Campion is an SEO Copywriter who founded God Save The Serp. She understands more than just writing great copy that Google and humans love. She also works on content marketing that increases not just links and traffic, but also shares, and sales. 


We have tackled topics such as what is an SEO Copy? What goes into SEO web copy? How can you decide what topics to cover (market research or keyword research)? And what is SEO blog copy?

We have further discussed what are the main pillar strategies for content marketing? When and how often should you refresh your articles? How do you resolve a website's distribution of content when it's weak and non-existent? 


Ultimately, Kerry will share her insights on how to build a community for your blog. 

You will love this fun and interesting episode. Click the ‘Play’ button now and start maximizing your business potential!

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