Tuesday, November 22, 2022

138 Profit First with Joshua Kalinowski

 Rocky Lalvani - The Profit Answer Man

Back today with another PF success story - I was recently on Josh's podcast and learned he loved Mike and the Profit first system and asked him to share his journey and how it's changed his business. He is former major league baseball pitcher so We also talk about what it means to have a team and also a coach. and how it relates to business. 

Bio: Having overcome failure and broken dreams, Josh knows how hard it is to become your best when it feels like the whole world is against you. As a CEO of 8 companies, coach, and man of faith and family, Josh is hellbent on helping leaders live a life of exceptional impact, influence, and faith. Through his speaking, coaching and organizations, Josh motivates, advises, and leads others to reach their potential in business and life.

138 Profit First with Joshua Kalinowski

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