Tuesday, November 15, 2022

The Price Whisperer, A Holistic Approach to Pricing Power with Per Sjöfors

 Rocky Lalvani - The Profit Answer Man

We are going to talk about one of this biggest levers in your business - Pricing. a small change of price can result in a dramatic increase in profits. Listen in as our guest shares the math. Pricing is much more emotional than rational and we don't want to race to the bottom and be the lowest price competitor.

Bio:  Per (Pear)  Sjofors, aka “The Price Whisperer”, is the Founder of Sjofors & Partners. He did not invent this moniker, but was often called “The Price Whisperer” by former clients, friends and acquaintances. So he decided to adopt it!

How To Increase Prices with Per Sjöfors