Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Buying & Scaling A Content Website From $200 to $9,000 per month with James Norquay

 Jaryd Krause - Buying Online Businesses

Hi I'm Jaryd Krause and  I teach people to Buy & Scale their online businesses, whilst working less & earning more.

To this Podcast James Norquay and I talks about Buying & Scaling A Content Website From $200 to $9,000 per month

It’s easy to buy a content website but scaling it and making it profitable is truly challenging.  

Let’s hear it from James Norquay who was able to buy and scale a content website from $ 200 to $ 9,000 per month.

James Norquay has a good reputation in buying and scaling numerous sites through his SEO skills. He has also worked on the agency side with well-renowned companies such as Virgin Blue, Citi Bank, and Woolworths. Back in 2018, James’ company Prosperity Media was awarded the ‘Best Agency’ In Australia at the SEMRush Search Engine Marketing Awards. 

In this podcast, we have discussed what motivated him to earn an income online, why he likes buying websites over starting from scratch, and how he bought a website for 4K making $200 per month to getting it to $9K per month (disclaimer: he did spend time and money on this). 

Lastly, James will share how he built the site's income from new affiliate partners, to changing the website structure, SEO, link building, changing content and even building EAT. 

If you’re someone who wants to create effective SEO strategies for your online business, then missing this podcast is something you wouldn’t want to happen!

Click the ‘play button’ now.

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