Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Business Owners Avoid Paying Taxes Legally In Canada

 Wealth Without Bay Street Infinite Banking Podcast

In episode 117 of Wealth Without Bay Street we are joined by the amazing Henry Wong to talk about taxation on your business that may occur after you’re gone. Henry is a professional CPA and trains other CPA’s across Canada specializing in taxation and helping them pass through the national exams. He chanced upon the book “Becoming Your Own Banker” which changed his life. He pieced together all his knowledge of life insurance and financial accounting and soon began to pursue the journey of becoming his own banker. Henry now trains others as an Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner and a Certified Accountant on how to build their own personal capital pool and manage their taxation through IBC. 

You will discover using a case study Henry reviews how the deemed disposition upon the death of a business owner can create a massive taxable event. He then shares a great solution to maximize the tax-free values that can be extracted out of a Canadian Corporation.

You can Listen here:

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