Tuesday, January 17, 2023

146 Improving Profit and Cashflow with Nate Jenson

 Rocky Lalvani - The Profit Answer Man

Today we are focused on improving profit and cashflow for you. The core is we need good data, then we need to review the data and most importantly we need to take action. Each of these areas has it's problems and issues and we will chat about that along with how you can improve it. Bottom line is ownership and creating a rhythm to analyse and decide what's next! 

Bio Nate Jenson has a masters degree in Forensic Accounting, he’s a Certified Management Accountant, and is Certified in Strategy and Competitive Analysis (through the Institute of Management Accountants). But more importantly, he has somewhere around 30,000 hours of helping small business owners understand what’s driving or inhibiting

their profitability and cash flow and what to do about it.

He has built and sold 3 bookkeeping and CFO companies having helped over 50 companies to get insight into their profitability. His current focus is providing this insight in a more automated way so that companies that need the insight but can’t quite afford a fractional CFO, can still

have a clear picture of what they need to change to improve their profitability.

146 Improving Profit and Cashflow with Nate Jenson

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