Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Estate Planning Innovations In A Digital World Meet Guidr

Wealth Without Bay Street Infinite Banking Podcast

Featuring on this episode of Wealth Without Bay Street are David Zumpano and Guy Remond. David Zumpano started out as an estate planner, founding The Estate Planner Law Center in 1995. Over the years David has also founded the Medicaid Practice Systems, LLC in 2010 and has authored Protect Your IRA, Avoid the 5 Common Mistakes, a contributory book offering for Estate planning attorneys in 2015. David now continues his journey helping estate planning and elder law attorneys build purpose driven practices with personal and professional balance. Guy Remond has over 20 years in the tech, software & consulting/advisory industries, as a founder, director, investor and advisor. Following his passion Guy branched out into the technical world, in 2001 and was a founding member and CEO of Cake Solutions Ltd. Guy has invested in a number of companies and is actively working with these companies in a non-executive director or chairman role, helping them to fulfill the leadership's drive to a successful outcome.

David and Guy have been partners in building Guidr, a digital, easy to use client interface platform released to lawyers, changing the industry by digitizing how lawyers communicate with clients to meet the demands of the modern technological advancements consumers have come to expect.  In October 2021, Dave and his technology partner, Guy Remond, co-authored; The Digitization of Law; How to transform technology disruptions into abounding opportunities, which provides the basis and support for the future of the law practice incorporating digital technology.

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