Monday, June 27, 2022

Real Life Canada Market Crash Stories 2022 Protect Your Wealth

Wealth Without Bay Street Infinite Banking Podcast

In Wealth Without Bay Street Episode 121 Richard Canfield and Dan Allen share personal Canadian market crash stories they have each experienced from various market cycles. Dan reflects on his memory of the increasing interest rates in Canada during the early 1980s and a missed opportunity on oil company stock options.


Richard tells 3 warning tales of Canadian Real Estate market crashes that impacted him financially. How one property dropped in value almost ten times, negative cash flow and staging a coup for a condo board, and a warning for investors lending money on secured mortgages. Richard also shares how he just barely squeaked out of a private second mortgage deal where all of his capital was at the risk of loss.

Contrast all of that to the peaceful stress free nature of contractually growing cash values with The Infinite Banking Concept in Canada.

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